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CACBN Mentorship Program

A 6 week mentorship program connected nurses (inclusive of students and IENs) in British Columbia to leading Black diasporic nurse changemakers across the nation for one-on-one career development. In addition, this cohort style program facilitated connections between the mentees through a weekly seminar. The seminar featured a presentation each of the mentors (Natania Abebe, Dr. Kofi Bonnie, Ismália De Sousa, Shelly Philip LaForest, and Dionne Sinclair) and content developed by facilitator Kyra Philbert.


All participants were compensated for their time with a 1000$ scholarship.

This program was made possible thanks to a Racial Justice Grant provided by the Law Foundation of BC. Nurse leader Kindra Van-Nettey was instrumental in the grant application process. We are deeply appreciative of her efforts!

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