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Help us answer some questions and be a part of shaping our future!

This survey is for African, Caribbean and Black nursing professionals living in settler British Columbia. 

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Who are the nurses of the Black Diaspora in British Columbia?


Where do they practice? Who do they serve? How are they treated on the job? Are they even able to practice as nurses in this province at all?


The Coalition of African, Caribbean and Black Nurses in British Columbia (CACBN) is a grassroots nursing-led organisation founded in 2020 after members recognised the increasing need to move away from colourblind policy making that dominates Canadian policy ideology while recognising the lack of value placed on those living in Black bodies. 


It is a response to Anti-Black Racism.


Anti-Black Racism is a social determinant of health. Anti-Black Racism is a legacy of Canada’s slave having past. Anti-Black Racism is experienced on a daily and on-going way for Black nurse settlers in British Columbia.


Combahee River Collective Statement. (1977)

“Our politics initially sprang from the shared belief that Black women are inherently valuable”